About Us

Strategic Brands on Fire is a public relations and branding firm specializing in start-ups and re-branding of legal corporations and law firms.

Sasha Hefler and her team demonstrate to their clientele why it is only important to communicate to your industry and customers if you know exactly what your mission statement is for the company and are willing to adhere to this mission with cohesiveness in all market planning.

Strategic Brands on Fire advises not to advertise, market or publicly relate until a company spends the time to build a brand strategy platform. This provides all facets of your corporate or firm communication to grow consistently with character and identity.

Strategic Brands on Fire specializes in the legal industry. Ms. Hefler is dedicated to excellence and her expertise in building start-up legal corporations for the past six years.

Sasha Hefler established a trusted name and reputation showing value in her past experience working to brand companies in many corporate verticals.